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With experience since 1998, our services allow you to outsource your IT needs while optimizing the management of the human and technical resources associated with it. Our internal office numbers grow alongside our outsourcing business, to guarantee every member of our company has access to what we establish as fundamental: a consistent open channel with our management team.


Aubay is your partner in nearshoring your projects to Portugal, allowing you to benefit from several advantages such as cost reduction, cultural and geographical proximity, highly skilled professionals, similar time zone and plenty of sunshine. Wouldn’t you want to come by to Portugal to personally check on your project during our summer?

Turnkey Projects

We offer solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. In partnership, we find the solution that best fits the problem presented, ensuring the management of all stages of the project and a permanent interaction with our customers.



Happiness Management

Aubay Cares

We provide a kitchen stocked with snacks and drinks to keep employees fully charged, "lunches for all" every Friday, a nutritionist, gym memberships and more.

Aubay Outdoor

At Aubay we don’t want droopy shoulders. From time to time we like to leave the office and have fun outdoors together… always together! Every 1st Thursday of the month Aubay invites you to participate in an off-work event to increase happiness levels.

Aubilous Club

Aubilous Club, is our internal platform where one will find all the advantages and benefits from being a Aubilous. We consider it to be an importante vehicle in order to motivate our people, strengthen the sense of belonging and foster our Employer Branding.

Aubay Training

We value your personal growth. If you grow, we grow!

Aubay Academy

Careers Without Barriers

We provide you the opportunities and tools you need to maximize your talent locally and across borders, taking advantage of the multinational dimension of Aubay. You already have the potential! We will help you to grow, develop and progress in your career, in a spectacular environment! At Aubay, your career doesn’t have barriers We have about 100 clients and more than 300 projects in which you can grow, learn and increase your network.


AUBAY Lisbon

Edifício Duque d’Ávila
Avenida Duque d’Ávila, nº 46 - 7ºC
1050-083 Lisboa
Phone: +351 211 928 417
Fax: +351 211 928 230
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Avenida da Boavista
nº 1180, 3ºPiso
4100-130 Porto
Phone: +351 220 999 158
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